Biscuits & Gravy:  $1.50-4.50

White or Wheat Loaf of Bread:  $3.50 *Call to order, as we make this for orders only as this time.*

Original Brownies:  $1.75

Candy Bar Brownies: $2.00

Butterhorns:  .50 each

Cake Balls:  $1.99 each

Cannoli:  $3.00

1/2 Cheesecakes:  $15+

Whole Cheesecakes:  $30+
*Original, Strawberry, White Chocolate Raspberry, Turtle, Oreo, Key Lime (Seasonal), Cherry, Blueberry

Mini Cheesecakes:  $2.25 each

Cream Horns:  $2.00

Hot Coffee:  $2.00

Hot Chocolate:  $3.25

Iced Coffee:  $3.25

Fresh Brewed Iced Tea:  $1.50-2.25

Dip ‘n Dots and other cold treats:  $1.25-4.99

Cinnamon Rolls:  $2.70

Cookies:  $0.99-2.25

Croissants (Butter, Maple Pecan, Strawberry Cream Cheese, Chocolate):  $1.45-2.50

Danish (Blueberry, Cheese, Cherry, Lemon):  $2.25

Donuts:  $0.99-1.15 each

Gooey Butter Bars:  $2.00

Pecan Rolls:  $2.75

Pies (Apple, Cherry, Peach, Pecan):  $16.99+

Breve Bourbon Pecan or Jamaican Me Crazy Retail Coffee Packet:  $4.00

Scones (Wild Blueberry, Chocolate Chip, Cranberry Walnut, White Chocolate Raspberry):  $2.70

Soup of the Day:  $4.99

Turnovers (Apple, Cherry, Peach):  $2.00